Our classes are rooted in technique, filled with creativity, and meet you where you are at the barre. From 5-minute quickies to 60-minute full-body workouts, we help you to feel the burn without burning out!

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I am very grateful for Michelle’s teaching style. She is an encouraging and nurturing teacher. As a teacher myself, I value the support and class inspiration that the Barre Variations Library provides. The videos are designed for teachers so they get straight to the point. I am always looking forward to signing on because I know that I will find something valuable to support my teaching and technique. Overall being a BV VIP member helps me to feel connected and supported in my barre career.

Gabrielle Otero

I’m so appreciative of the Barre Variations community. The library provides tons of video and tutorial content that have helped me take my own teaching to the next level.  The online classes along with all the great blogs, tips and tricks keep me fresh and growing as an individual as well as a barre instructor.  I’m so grateful for this fun and encouraging community.

Alexis Greene

Michelle’s library is the perfect compliment to every day for me. Watching her library of videos has also helped me to become more confident and creative. It has allowed me to combine moves to create workouts to my individual goals! I have never felt more confident, long or lean. I am currently a Barre lover but hope to become a Barre instructor. Michelle’s amazing library has empowered me! I am looking forward to taking her courses as well. Michelle has been beyond helpful in my personal Barre journey! She has helped me in the past year with several modifications due to a running injury. I simply sent her a message and she was kind enough to share her expertise and offer up suggestions for modifications! She has created a wonderful community that I am thrilled to be apart of. I am proud to be a Barre Babe. 

Ashley Ferris

These are the sort of workouts I’ve been missing since becoming a busy mum. I love the creative exercises too. Can’t wait to do more!

Natalie Pertz

As a teacher of several years, this offered me new ideas, inspiration, a different outlook on teaching a fitness program that I continue to love and grow with!


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